Supply Chain Management

Independent and credible, Mobile Tender Adjudication Panel Programme (MTAP)
PRODUCT PURPOSE – To rid the country of the scourge of tender corruption.

We have an adjudication panel of experts selected on merit, which consists of exceptional leaders with great integrity; individuals who uphold high moral values and have been tried in the past and found to be honest above reproach; resolute persons who are steadfast in their beliefs of good and perfect behaviour; persons who are level-headed and aspiring to make a difference in this country – willing to sacrifice their time for the good of the country; persons who cannot be shaken by any political forces within the public and private sectors; individuals who have no political affiliation, but God-fearing; etc.

This panel is mobile, meaning it does its work (adjudication of tenders) everywhere and anywhere in the country without any influence and without public knowledge. It produces fair and credible results acceptable to the entire nation.

Organisations sourcing this service are those that do not associate themselves with corrupt activities and their executives want peace of mind in their lives so that they continue to focus on creating value for the stakeholders and the public.

Tender evaluation backlog clearing

For organisations that have serious backlog of tender evaluations, SPC assists with the clearing by bringing teams of tender evaluation and adjudication experts to do the job.

At SPC we:

  • Create schedule or project plan
  • Set target and obtain approval
  • Gain approval of plan with timeframes
  • Obtain contract strategy, tender enquiry invitation, evaluation criteria, and tender adjudication minutes
  • Perform the physical tender evaluation of deliverables
  • Prepare evaluation reports
  • Review reports
  • Obtain approval of reports
Stocktaking of assets, updating of the asset register and reconciling the findings
PRODUCT PURPOSE – To create accountability of assets in the public and private sector.

This is a 4-stage process including:

  • Preparation

  • Stocktaking of Assets

  • Reviewing and following up on discrepancies

  • Submitting Reports

Supplier Assessment and Audit
PRODUCT PURPOSE – To ensure a portfolio of best in class suppliers is available for use.
  • Scope of supply
  • Resource Authorisation
  • Technical expertise
  • Quality Management System [QMS]
  • Professional/Regulatory Registration
  • Tools and Equipment
  • Facilities
  • Work History
  • Report
  • Assistance with schedules for unsuccessful contractors/suppliers to progress onto a supplier development programme
Fleet Management reduction strategies
PRODUCT PURPOSE – To avoid excessive and costly use of fleet.
  • Planning for physical stocktaking
  • Fleet assessment
  • Fleet valuation
  • Report and recommendations
  • Implementation of recommendations
Procurement Quality Assurance
PRODUCT PURPOSE – To support procurement process by providing and managing the quality assurance and expediting elements in the procurement value chain for projects and services.
We develop the quality standards for an organisation that every department should conform to and thereafter prepare procedures and instructions to be followed.

In addition, we lead and execute all Procurement Quality Assurance activities from procurement strategy to contract award as follows:

Embed quality requirements in Procurement packages; Evaluate supplier quality returnables in terms of quality requirements; Negotiate quality requirements for procurement packages; Embed quality requirements in contract: Maintain ISO 9001:2008 Compliant Management System: Process Mapping; Gap analysis; Action plan to address gaps; Compile new PQA procedures; Internal audits; Develop accreditation system and action plan and Input into the PQA component of the Quality Centre of Excellence.

Tender Quality Evaluation Criteria Development
PRODUCT PURPOSE – To measure quality against set standards.

This is accomplished based on:

Approved scope of work; Risk Assessment Report; Form of contract; Generation of quality requirements; Creation of evaluation criteria; Circulation of criteria for review and Approval.

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