A credible strategic partner for innovative  supply chain and quality management, enterprise development and entrepreneurial mentoring , training and coaching solutions.


We are committed to facilitating quality and relevant training, mentoring, coaching and assessment to the aspiring entrepreneurs in a supportive environment through  flexible learning delivered by experienced and qualified mentors, coaches and facilitators to ensure a positive experience and maximum success.

Also, as a multiple-service provider, we offer innovative enterprise development, supply chain and quality management solutions geared  towards empowering smme’s and large organisations in terms of efficiency  and operational improvement.


  • Always doing what we say we will and striving for excellence and quality in everything we do.
  • Quality will always delight the client whilst staying within budget limitations.
  • If we give our word we keep it unless agreed otherwise by all parties.
  • We provide support to one another, work co-operatively, respect one another’s views, and ensure that our work environment is a fun and enjoyable place to be.
  • We help others to achieve their deadlines without having to be asked.
  • All projects have identified goals, which are celebrated by the whole team.
  • We act with integrity, provide quality service, and offer a reliable and responsible service at all times.
  • We do not upset one another intentionally, always endeavouring to present negative feedback constructively.
  • We take pride and ownership in all that we do and say.
  • We never talk about people behind their backs.
  • We work with urgency and commitment to be successful from individual and company perspectives.
  • Timeframes are always met unless urgent circumstances mean we have to renegotiate new timeframes with all parties.
  • Clients’ needs agreed within budgets are met regardless of personal wants.

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