ISO Systems Development, Implementation & Facilitation of certification process

Integrated Management System (IMS/SHEQ)

The purpose of development and implementation of this product, an integrated management system (Safety, Health, Environmental and Quality system), is to help our clients respond to and meet the stringent tender requirements of the buying organisations. In addition, once the system is in place, it will assist the companies to comply with the requirements of legislation as well as assist in integrating all components of a business into one coherent system.

All of this will enable SMMEs to achieve their organisation’s purpose and mission. The system is based on common core elements, designed to manage and coordinate the requirements of several management control systems, such as Safety, Health, Environment and Quality. This will in turn help the companies achieve customer satisfaction by meeting requirements through application of the system, the continual improvement of the system and the prevention of non-conformity.

Safety & Health Management System

Safety is a core driver of performance for any business. Organisations want to work with firms that understand and commit to a high standard of safety performance.

We develop the following:

OS&HMS Manual, Safety & Health Policy, Procedures, Documents, Forms, Registers and Work instructions

Environmental Management System

Environmental Management Systems are beneficial because it:

  • Is a core driver of performance for any business
  • Minimises the impact on the environment
  • Manages environmental performance in any firm

We develop the following:

EMS Manual, Environmental and Safety Policy Statement, Procedures, Documents, Forms, Registers, and Work instructions

Quality Management System

We develop the following:

QMS Manual, Quality Policy, Procedures, Documents, Forms, Registers, and Work instructions

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