Bursary Administration Services

The purpose of this product is to assist organisations in overcoming the challenges posed by bursary programmes that do not have proper administration. This is a group of organisations which attempt to address education challenges by means of bursary programmes. With the current educational situation in South Africa, it is no longer enough to “throw money” at the problem or at students by simply having a bursary programme. These organisations need assistance to overcome these challenges. It also seeks to add value to the funding given to University students by providing psycho-social support through individualised coaching, guidance and mentoring.

Over and above, this programme administers the selection process of bursary applicants, sources and analyses progress reports during the selection process of bursary applicants, sources and analyses progress reports from academic institutions, creates individualised development plans for the sponsored students and engages with the sponsor, HEIs and service providers on behalf of the students.

Supply Chain Management
  • Group Procurement Mentoring Programme (on-the-job hand-holding) [Post CIPS training]
  • Setting-up new SCM Units
  • Development of turnaround strategies and execution thereof for existing SCM Units
  • Leveraging private sector (SCM practices) in the public sector
  • Tender evaluation backlog clearing programme
  • Independent & credible Tender Adjudication Panel (MTAP) (Mobile tender adjudication panel)
  • Stocktaking of assets, updating of the asset register and reconciling the findings
  • Fleet Management reduction strategies
Quality Management
  • Tender quality evaluation criteria development
  • Procurement Quality Assurance programme
  • Contract Quality Plan development (for small contractors)
  • Quality Control Plan development (for small contractors)
  • Supplier Assessment and audit
  • Conduct audits of QMS
Enterprise Development
  • Development of Strategic Business Plans
  • Development of Strategic Business Profiles
  • Business Mentoring
  • Business set-up
  • Company registrations
  • Company Annual Returns
  • BBEEE certificates
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