Today’s small businesses – Tomorrow’s giant corporations

  • We are solutions-driven.
  • We engineer SMMEs strengths and advanced business solutions.
  • Surely we are not in the "cookie-cutting and pasting" business!

weet Pea Consulting (SPC) provides a variety of professional services and products to help today’s small businesses become the leading corporations of tomorrow. These services and products form the backbone of our business; they have also enabled entrepreneurs and large businesses and organisations around the country to grow theirs.

Our training, mentoring and coaching programmes, ranging from one-on-one to auditorium-bound, not only help entrepreneurs find solutions but also customers. We provide Supply Chain Management and Quality solutions for businesses that want to save costs and improve productivity.


Ultimately, our goal is to create services that provide the solid foundation for any business and a brand that is appealing and accommodative to deserving SMMEs. Solutions that are exploratory, educational and inspirational. Innovation that is conceptually interesting and creates value. We develop business systems and plans with the belief that process and collaboration should be as exciting and fun as the end result.

Let’s walk the journey together passionately! Drop us an email to get started!

Contact us if you need help with the following:


Tender evaluation, fleet management, supplier assessments and audits, procurement quality assurance…


Safety & health management systems, quality management, integrated management…


Bursary admin services, BASNE, enterprise development, quality management…


Implementing quality management systems (QMS), understanding QMS, effective tendering, SMME budget compilation…

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